Should cell phones be banned while driving essay

should cell phones be banned while driving essay

an accident or running a red light unintentionally or etc. Make sure you dont use your phone while driving as you can get in serious trouble and even get in jail. You can communicate eg: if you are in trouble you can phone up youre parents, brothers, sister (etc).you can play games on it if you are bored eg: if it is raining outside you might want to play games on your phone. They should not text at all but if you have a blue tooth head set or a built in phone on the car its easier to drive because you have both hands on the wheel.

In fact, some have compared it to driving over the alcohol limit. What is even worse than talking on the phone is texting while driving. It basically means that the brain continues to be distracted for 27 seconds after using a voice or text feature on a phone. Be ready to abruptly and hastily terminate your call. M, categories, health, in, Reason. If you have a handsfree device, make sure you have a lot of minutes, because it is easy to talk a long time when you are driving. I have had friends in bad accidents with their children in Texas and California because of cells.

Only because all of my friends fool around and don't get thier homework done because they don't know what to do because they were texting in class. Worse than drunk driving, one of the leading researchers in this realm is Frank Drews, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Utah. Note: Scroll down to vote, the National Safety Council today called on state and federal lawmakers to ban the use of cell phones and text-messaging devices while driving and also urged businesses to prohibit. In the interest of road safety - as little as possible. Ideally you should avoid using a cell phone while driving, but if you must then here are some safety measures that you can take to avoid accidents: Use a hands free cell phone.

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