How to revise for essay based exams

how to revise for essay based exams

range of knowledge is needed - A clear understanding of terms and details is needed to be able to distinguish between similar answers. You may even be allowed both. Anticipate questions by: Looking for patterns of questions in any tests you have already written in the course; Looking at the course outline for major themes; Checking your notes for what the professor has emphasized in class; Asking yourself what kind of questions you would. There is no big mystery as to what should go into your notes. See information on learning and studying techniques on the SLC page for. Include key words from the question in your thesis statement. Memorize your outlines or key points.

A couple of days before the exam, practice writing answers. This is the tried and tested revision method I ve been using s ince college to pass essay based exams. The 3 R s of revision.

Open book An open book exam is one where youre allowed to bring some or define personal reflection essay all the course material into the exam with you. Closed book A closed book exam is one where you have none of your materials with you and must rely on your memorisation and recall of the information. So the trick is to get information into your long term memory. Ive talked a lot recently about how not all exam revision techniques are created equal. You will need a deep understanding of the material - You will need to master your essay writing technique and ensure you can memorise your answer.

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