Essay on scripture

essay on scripture

is not information or data (propositions but God Himself (or, in philosophical categories, knowledge about God, although I would prefer to leave God as the subject of revelation rather than its object,. Here, the physical text itself is seen as the locus of inspiration and, indeed, revelation of absolute truth. Yet the direction in which the concept has evolved and the manner in which it is being presented today both tend toward an "all or nothing" or an "either/or" acceptance of a whole range of ideological and theological ideas linked to the concept, with. However confusion arises in some circles because of the anachronous use of the term "inerrant." For example, the Manual of the Church of the Nazarene uses the word inerrantly in talking about Scripture. In Christian tradition, this is usually connected with the work of the Holy Spirit as the agent of truth in the world. However, I do not view Scripture in those terms. Historical positivism is an outgrowth of the empirical model. But I would contend that inerrancy, as used in the modern context, is not a battle that Wesleyans have to fight, or should be fighting, because we can approach the issues from a totally different direction.

That is, we bring our own culture, language, knowledge (or lack of it historical experience, personality, ethos, etc., to the biblical text when we read. A dynamic view of inspiration is also very close to the Wesleyan perspective of the balance between Gods grace and God-granted human freedom. In other words, by definition and assumption, it eliminates most dynamic views of inspiration that allow a role for the community of faith over a period of time to produce Scripture as God worked within the community.

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Usually, these are heavily influenced both by an absolute sovereignty of God model that allows little human input into anything since humans are totally contaminated by sin and cannot be trusted (with roots in Augustinian influenced Calvinism as well as by the philosophical model mentioned. We only have it in hundreds, even thousands, of manuscripts that all contain differences of greater or lesser degree. The solution to this dilemma of wanting to maintain an inerrant text while faced with a text that is obviously not inerrant, is to affirm that it is only the original writings that were inerrant. Again, as a faith affirmation about the authority of Scripture, I understand what it tries to say. They tell the story of God, which God has revealed to them and helped them understand, but they tell it in their own way. For example, Titus 1:12"s from the Greek philosopher Epimenides.

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