Essay on no detention policy

essay on no detention policy

and classroom practices. The no-detention policy under the RTE Act was to ensure that no child admitted in a school shall be held back in any class or expelled from school until the completion of elementary education. Evaluations done periodically, these points can be accumulated and carried forward, much like a deposit in a piggy bank. Current Status of the policy. The provisions of having an evaluation process which is continuous and comprehensive, having a class environment which is free from fear, trauma and anxiety, that there is no physical punishment or mental harassment of a child, ensuring that teachers perform their duty, including the requirement. The prime objective should be to effect an all-round development of children and equipping them with life skills. A week or two after the exams, the parents of the students would be communicated that their child is promoted to the next class. The Union HRD minister has also said that the ministry will come to the conclusion only after comprehensive discussion with academicians, institutions and psychologists. If all the states agree and on the comprehensive discussion with academicians, institutions and psychologists, the HRD Ministry will have to amend the RTE Act.

It is proposed to bind the State Government to ensure quality education and to provide that children may not be promoted to higher classes unless they have acquired how to prepare a cake essay class appropriate learning level. Teachers lose interest as well and the overall quality of education imparted suffers. This is a stage where a strong knowledge block, if built, can help a child stay through the entire learning life cycle and also develop skills which are very important for a sustainable livelihood. Examine the rationale why NDP was introduced, how it was linked to comprehensive and continuous evaluation, how it aimed to reduce focus on exams as a yardstick of measuring learning outcomes. To isolate one factor, policy of no-detention, as a sole determinant of lowering of learning levels is neither plausible nor justifiable. However, the ministry seeks a positive response from all the states. The idea was also to reduce the number of dropouts from the schools. Also, the opinion of the experts should be taken, and the discussions should materialize swiftly as many people will be affected by the decision. They dont study as there is no fear of failing in them. The teachers complain about the children developing a lackadaisical attitude. By, insightsIAS, insights into Editorial: No-detention policy in school may be scrapped from next academic year: Union minister.

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