Compariative essay about the ottoman and spanish empire

compariative essay about the ottoman and spanish empire

words, aP Compare Essay During the s, both the Spanish Empire and the Ottoman Empire were becoming powerful. This also allowed Spain to become richer and powerful. Between the s, both the Spanish and Ottoman were becoming the worlds powerful empire, spain and the Ottoman focused on different ideas, as Spain focused on merchant as Ottoman focused on strengthening critical study of text hamlet essay military and expansion. They also differed in how they expanded their land. Furthermore, the Spanish Empires class system was based on blood and individuals were born into their class. The Ottoman Empire government was corrupted which forced their military to maintain the Empire.

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Developments in European countries like England, Spain, France and Russia. Easier and faster to create a new product. This allowed the Ottoman Empire to become one of the world powers. Spain found the Americas while the Ottomans took over Constantinople. As soon as Spain found the Americas, they focused on grabbing raw materials because it would allow them to dominate the world economy. However, as soon as the Ottoman Empire gained control over Constantinople, the Ottoman Empire knew they were able to expand their Empire because the Empire gained a lot of power which other countries were afraid. Show More, topic: Spanish and Ottoman Empires, beginning from when Sargon I of Akkad built the worlds first empire, many empires have since then been established and now hold a name that are both as eminent and momentous. AP Compare Essay During the s, both the Spanish Empire and the Ottoman Empire were becoming powerful.

The two empires were different in the way they attempted to advance their empire, the Spanish were constantly searching for new technological advances for exploration purposes, while the Ottoman focused more on their military power and gunpowder technology, making them one among the most advanced. Another spectacular example of foreign influence on Ottoman Empire is Industry Revolution in England. On the other hand, the Ottoman Empire started to expand across the region because they were able to take over Constantinople.

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